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Sam Palmer for US Senate
Meeting 3/17/2022

Sam presents what changes he'll bring to the US Senate representing Oregon and how he'll accomplish that.  The seat he's running for is currently occupied by democrat Ron Wyden.

Debbie Henshaw
"Constitution Corner"
Baker County United 3/17/2022

Darin Harbick for US Senate Meeting 2/10/2022

Q/A segment of Darin's presentation to Baker County residents in Baker City, Oregon on February 10th, 2022.  The seat he's running for is currently occupied by democrat Ron Wyden.

Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor
Meeting 2/12/2022

Marc weighs in on some of the most urgent issues concerning Oregon (mask/vax mandates, natural resources, CAT tax, education, etc)

Baker County Commissioners Meeting 12-15-2021

With the aid of Bert Ramos, Art Clarke, Marc Thielman, and Amber Sims, Baker County United made this presentation to the elected county commissioners to stand on the Constitution and on the side of the people's Rights. 

Covid19 Deaths Grossly Exaggerated

Compilation of eye witness accounts from doctors, nurses, coroners, and medical staff prove that death certificates have been manipulated to show covid19 deaths that don't and never did exist.  

CDC admits at least 96% of covid deaths were counted wrong - 1/12/2021

Trooper Kowing Speaks on the Vaccine Mandates

The video made by Trooper Kowing in response to Oregon Vaccine Mandates for first responders throughout our state. Now somewhat of a viral sensation, BCU had the honor of hosting Trooper Kowing in September for a group event. 

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