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So in addition to the people that work in all the executive offices for Oregon, and all the nurses, doctors, cops, and emergency responders that are set to lose everything should they not comply with Governor Brown’s vax mandate, Sleepy Joe Biden is now demanding that federal employees, government contractors, and all employees in public AND private sector companies that employ more than 100 people, they all have to get vaxxed! The Navy says that all sailors who refuse the jab will be discharged without exemption. No religious or medical exemptions allows. They have until November 28th, 2021, to comply. Doesn’t matter all the evidence coming out now about the vaxxes used aborted fetal tissue. They are claiming there is no religious exemption!

This is estimated to effect about 100 million Americans. And if those Americans exercise their free choice to decide what gets injected directly into their blood stream by the government, and decide not to do it, they get terminated and lose everything they’ve worked for. Sure, the government isn’t forcing the vax into them at gunpoint…..not yet at least, but their careers and everything that comes with it, including putting food on the table for the fam….it’s gone! Poof! They’re taking it away. Our front line workers and heroes from last year are now being vilified for not complying to the suspect “vaccine mandates”. Again, if you are a cop, fire fighter, doctor, nurse, paramedic, pilot, you MUST get the “jab,” or be fired. And this is being forced on you regardless of not only its inability to protect you against covid19, which I’ll remind you still has a 99% survival rate, but this flies in the face of all the injury that the vax is causing. Remember, the vax is still considered experimental!

This is NOT about stopping sickness, disease, or death. If it was, covid19 wouldn’t have been commissioned and paid for by people in Dr. Fauci’s network. It wouldn’t have been an engineered virus with gain of function that got “accidentally” released. They wouldn’t be forcing a so called vaccination on everyone, especially when said vaccine clearly doesn’t work the way it was sold to us.

If you are not one of those mandated to get the vax at this moment, make no mistake, you will be. YOU ARE NEXT!

What will you do if you refuse the jab and you get fired from your job?

When you’re kids can’t go to school?

When you are denied medical help at the hospital?

When you lose your medical insurance?

When you get shut out of your own bank account?

When you can’t enter the grocery store?

When you can’t pump gas at the service station?

When you are scorned in your own town and neighborhood for being a 2nd class citizen? One of the unwashed? A bio-weapon?

Does that seem to far out there? Maybe this is all just a crazy conspiracy theory? Well, take inventory of the last 2 years, and ask those questions again? And be honest with your answer! Do you really doubt that the government, as it is now, wont’ shut you out at every level?

I don’t think we’ve ever seen this magnitude of government control and hysteria before. Its new to us and unrecognizable….but only to the unsuspecting. To be fair, throughout history, the tyranny of governments are actually pretty common. We’ve seen this type of behavior in the past in countries like Russia, which later became the Soviet Union, there was Germany and the Third Reich, Cambodia, Viet Nam, and the Burma Triangle. There was Cuba, and China. And that’s just recent history.

We are rapidly heading down a path of central control by some very evil forces. Make no mistake, this IS NOT about your safety, it isn’t about public health. Covid19, the delta variant, the vaxxes…these are being used as tools to strip you of your individual liberty in the name of the “greater good”. That’s the excuse. With communism, it always is. It destroys the individual for the benefit of the collective. And here’s the kicker, that “benefit” isn’t even determined by the precious “collective”. It’s determined by the elite at the top of this government hierarchy, supposedly speaking on behalf of the collective. That folks, is text book communism. They just need the food shortages, and the anarchy and violence will follow.

These jabs are NOT law. The mandate has not passed the state legislature, nor would it be of any effect if it did, because the legislature can’t pass a law contrary to the Constitution and our unalienable rights. In either case, the county commissioners should KNOW this. But they don’t act like it.

We encourage all Baker County residents to hold on to your property taxes until we have a functioning county based on what we pay for. I’m sure the county will try and charge some interest if we’re late…but that is a VERY VERY SMALL price to pay to keep our elected employees working for us, and not some outside interest that infiltrated them for more money. That of course would be the state and Kate Brown.

Now many of you don’t believe you need the jab, but you complied anyway. Maybe you didn’t think that it should be forced on you, and that we should have a choice, but you “went along to get along.” Perhaps you just wanted to fly, or travel abroad, or keep your retirement, or your insurance…your job. But now you’re in a situation where if you don’t continue to keep the vaccination course, with more jabs and boosters based on whatever prescribed schedule they determine, that you’ll still be considered unvaxxed. My not continuing to comply, you’ll be ineligible for the very benefits you thought you were getting when you complied in the first place. Are you willing continue to walk down that road?

And it won’t stop with the jab, and the follow up jabs. This is about global control. Have you read the “green new deal” and the way it will fundamentally change your life? How about Agenda 21 (Agenda30) for global sustainability? The measures that need to be enacted because of “man made global warming?” Make no mistake, these are not crazy tin foiled hat conspiracy theories. These are very real agendas being enacted and forced in layers on us at this very moment.

We are at the Rubicon. Do we cross together, or get picked off individually?

Lets make a stand, and stop merely protesting. They don’t care if we protest. We’re just screaming kids to them. Unless we with hold our money and fruits of our labor, the county, the city councils, our elected law enforcement…they won’t work for us. They’ll do the bidding of those whom they presume to have the power. And if we don’t stand united for our benefit, no one will.

With hold your property taxes this year, set it aside, and be willing to pay them when Baker County and Baker City council start working for the people that hired them.

Take care, be strong, and stay united. God Bless!

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