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Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Protesting is one of 5 of our First Amendment rights identified in the Constitution for these United States and the Oregon Constitution. For as much as we've protested the unconstitutional executive orders of Kate Brown and the laws inflicted on us by the supermajority legislature, it doesn't seem to have really worked all that well. We need to take control and hold those responsible at the local level. These are the people we have influence over. If it means we don't pay them a while until they start working for us, then we don't pay them. Taking away their lunch money will motivate them to listen to those who elected and hired them. Baker County needs to stand on the principle of self-government and the Constitution. The commissioners and the city councils need to employ a plan that will keep our liberty and freedom of medical choice, keep us in our jobs (not just exempt us on a religious or medical premise), and stay legal and insured. This can be done. It will take cooperation from We the People of Baker County. Let's get it done!
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