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On December 15th, Baker County United is showing up in mass to present the Baker County Commissioners with new resolutions for adoption.  Read them here. 

If you have not signed the support sheet for these resolutions, you can swing by 3325 K St in Baker City and sign them any time during regular business hours.

These are lawful, constitutional, and for the benefit and continuity of We the People of Baker County, Oregon.  We demand that our local commissioners and city councils and administrations secure our rights to medical freedom and personal choice, even if it means standing against a corrupt governor and legislature.  Until they do, we are withholding our property taxes so that we can be assured that we are getting what we pay for from them.  

We pay nearly $6 million in property taxes every year.  We fund the county.  We are suspending the payment of our property taxes and holding on to it UNTIL the Baker County Commissioners declare Baker County by resolution a Constitutional county and publicly refuse to fire any of our emergency responders and county employees for refusing Kate Brown's Jabs!  The Baker City Council needs to as well.  Medical exemptions are merely a temporary measure that shouldn't need to be exhausted in the first place.  These exemptions are granted at the pleasure of government and assume that you have no right to personal choice.  This is an obvious usurpation of our inalienable rights that government was originally created to protect and secure.

If our emergency services are at risk of being under staffed because of insane jab mandates, why would we continue to pay for them?  Why would we pay for them when many of our emergency responders are being bullied into getting the jab, or risk losing everything?

Just because some of our emergency responders may temporarily have jobs because of the religious exemption, doesn't mean anything if and when the State decides not to allow it.  Our county commissioners CANNOT give Kate Brown the final say.

We stand and support those fire fighters, law enforcement, paramedics, EMT's, nurses, doctors, and anyone else that is being terminated for maintaining their liberty in choosing not to be injected with the covid19 "vaccinations." 
STEP 1.  Don't write the check to the county.   Just don't pay your property taxes at this point until the County meets the lawful demands of the people.

Step 2.  Hold the money in a separate account  for the meantime.  Don't spend it!  You will eventually pay it. You have at least 3 years.  Of course we believe in functioning government.  

Step 3.  If your property taxes have been rolled into your mortgage payment, call your lender and tell them that you want that money returned to you and you'll see that it gets into the proper hands.  Unless your mortgage insurance doesn't allow this based on the equity you have not yet accrued, they'll send you back the money and let you handle the property taxes payment to the county yourself.  Then follow steps 1 and 2.

You have 3 years of non-payment until notices start coming regarding foreclosure.  This issue should be long over by then.  There will be a 1.3% interest on late payments, but that is a small price to pay for getting the county to work for us. 

                 Click here for details.  
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